Gibraltar has a a number of amazing trails and walks giving you not only lots of nature sighting / photography possibilities, but also breath-taking views of the town, the Bay, the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar  315 species has been recorded in Gibraltar.  It has more than six hundred species of flowering plants. The maquis, or dense Mediterranean scrub, is mostly made up of tall bushes that include wild olive, Mediterranean buckthorn, lentisc, Osyris and terebinth.  


Our ethos is to take you away from the stressful urban environments from back home, and introduce you to our Mediterranean wilderness experience. 

The area of the Strait of Gibraltar is blessed with a plethora of tracks and green lanes which provide ample opportunity to your group of family party to have the unique experience of exploring some of the most amazing habitats in the area, as well as learning, seeing and photographing at your own pace, its huge bio-diversity.  There are some amazing scenery and landscapes to be discovered at the juncture of two great continents.  


Spain is a walkers’ paradise offering endless possibilities for the walking enthusiast and independent holidaymaker. Whether you’re a serious hiker or someone looking for a relaxing ramble, Spain offers stunning walks just a short distance inland from many tourist centres. It has an enormous variety of landscapes; ranging from the snow capped Gredos sierras, to the oak and chestnut forests of the Serrania de Ronda in Andalucia, to the charismatic Rock of Gibraltar.

The charismatic Burnie family has engaged on nature/butterfly

walks with us for several years in Gibraltar and Spain.

Are you a fitness nature lover and in need for a challenging trek uphill?  We know plenty of stunning routes just for you.  Perhaps you prefer something a bit easier, more leisurely.  No problem!  We have the thing just for you and you goals.  However, we would never mix both groups together and we make sure our walks cater for your fitness levels.

We have something for everyone.  We pride ourselves in making sure we have every 'blade of grass' covered when it comes to organising a suitable trip for you and your family.  Health and safety is paramount to us and we would never plan a walk in locations we have never surveyed in order to assess it for potential dangers and other hazards, especially children.  Kids will love our walks and engage with the natural environment.

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Smaller bushes that include shrubby scorpion vetch, spiny broom, teline, wild jasmine, shrubby germander and felty germander. The bay laurel, and the dwarf fan palm are also found in parts of the maquis. Understory plants include the intermediate periwinkle, Butcher’s broom, Italian arum and Bear's breech. The firebreaks in the maquis are home to plants such as paper-white narcissus, common asphodel, giant Tangier fennel, wild gladiolus, Galactites and mallow bindweed.