We offer one-day tours in Gibraltar and Southern Spain and is a great affordable option to enjoy a day our in nature.  Gibraltar offers some spectacular views of the African continent and some special flowers, birds, and the iconic Barbary macaques. Southern Spain offers exciting habitats and a plethora of birds and you could even engage in a spot of Spanish cuisine in one of the many cheap road-side ventas!


"I spent 12 days birding with Andrew in Morocco and the Western Sahara and 2 days in Southern Spain. In those two weeks we travelled over 6,000 km (from Gibraltar down to to Aousserd, the southeastern deserts and the High Atlas) in search of some of the rarest and most sought after birds in the Western Palearctic region. Due to Andrew's expertise and knowledge of the area we were able to connect with all of my target species, even those that can be very difficult to track down. In those two weeks we took thousands of great photos of these birds. All in all an extremely successful and memorable trip thanks to Andrew Fortuna! 

Stavros Christodoulides  29th May 2016


Our guide is a certified dietary educator, health coach and blood chemistry analyst, and can help design bespoke packages to support your health and engage in a number of nature-related activities, such as nature mindfulness sessions, nature walks, swimming, stand-up paddling, birdwatching, photography, and can also bespoke talk and menu planning to help support your nutrition and health goals. A great way to reduce stress, support mental health and other conditions.

nature walking TOURS

Whether you're an avid birder, nature lover, trekker or merely looking for something different, our nature walks are a great way for a small family group and children to bond with the natural environment which helps foster awareness and respsect the the natural environment.


One of our most affordable, value for money get-away tours. This tour will offer some amazing birding experiences at all times of the year, as well as relaxed nature walks for small groups and families, suitable for kids, and a great affordable way to get away from it all and just switching off.


A 4 night birding / nature tour including a 2 night stay at one of Europe's most important wetlands, Dońana National Park, taking us south towards the Strait of Gibraltar with some amazing views of migrating raptors and landscpaes.


Perhaps our most requested tour, a 6 night trip encompassing some of the best birding locations in the iberian peninsula, such as  Extremadura, Monfrague National park, Dońana national Park and the Strait of Gibraltar for some amazing raptor passage.

cycling nature TOURS

Hire a bicycle from one of several locations in Gibraltar or Spain, or simply bring your own, and let's enjoy the natural environment by engaging in a lovely form of gentle exercise.  Stop anywhere and do a spot of birding or just take some photographs of local flowers and butterflies.  A great experience!


You may want to consider including a photoshop or photography course with one of our tour packages specifically designed to your preferences.  Our guide is a certified Abobe Photoshop Expert and can help improve your image editing techniques of the nature images you taken during our tours and improve your own image workflow back home.

Creating Lifelong Memorie

We know how precious your holidays are and want only the very best for each of our tourists. We pride ourselves on crafting custom tours to delight every type of traveler.​Our excursions can be in groups or can be private tours for parties of any size.

Our tours in a nutshell


Quite an exclusive tour but fascinating tour where you will experience not only nature but great scenery and opportunities for some wonderful gastronomical experiences typical of the Iberian peninsula. This a 15 night trip covers some of the best birding locations in the region, such as the Picos de Europa in north-western Spain, Pyrenees, Extremadura, Monfrague National park, Dońana national Park, and the Strait of Gibraltar for some amazing raptor passage.