A client inspects and identifies a spring flower

Clients enjoying great views of Black-winged kite!

Touring the Great Sand Slopes in Gibraltar

Our guide and clients all smiles in the sun!

Birds that can be encountered depending on the season include:- (not an exhaustive list)

:- Glossy Ibis Spoonbill Little Egret Cattle Egret Night Heron Flamingo Squacco Heron Red-crested Pochard Hoopoe, Red-knobbed Coot, Stone Curlew, Spanish Sparrow, Lesser Short-toed Lark, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Spanish Imperial Eagle, White-headed Duck, Marbled Duck and Bittern and many others. 

Summer Birds - Savi´s Warbler Purple Heron Bee-eater Little Bittern Gull-billed Tern Booted Eagle Whiskered Tern Subalpine Warbler  Short-toed Lark Purple Heron Bee-eater Little Bittern Gull-billed Tern Short-toed Eagle Black Tern Collared Pratincole Roller Western Olivaceous Warbler Rufous Bush Robin

Migrants - Garganey, Wood Sandpiper, Temminck´s Stint, Spotted Redshank, Whinchat, Common Redstart, Aquatic Warbler amongst many others. 

Winter Birds - Common Crane, Red Kite, Back-shouldered Kite, Curlew Sandpiper Pintail Shoveler Wigeon Great White Egret Osprey Crane Black-tailed Godwit Black Stork

Mammals include:-  Mongoose,  Red Deer, Iberian fox and more.

Butterflies include:- Monarch, Two-tailed pasha, Wall brown, Moroccan orange tip, Spanish festoon and many more!

Flora:- GIbraltar candytuft, Gibraltar sea lavender, Paper-white narcissus, Common asphodel, Giant tangier fennel, Wild gladiolus, Galactites,Mallow-leaved bindweed and many more.

Raptor watching in unexpected places!

Client's day out in the marshes and our quality Kowa 883 scope


A day in the wilderness. 

Witness the region from a natural history perspective!

A day out in the wilderness with a licensed guide.  Are you tired of large noisy tour groups, or feel you have no time to stop and take your time to capture a brilliant nature photo opportunity without having that feeling of being left behind by the tour guide?  Well if you feel that way, and your a nature lover, just want to stretch your legs, breath some fresh air or simply want to engage in a leisurely walk in the countryside, this tour is just for you!  Experience how man and natural history has influenced the the region around us.  Watch hundred of migrating birds of prey, native breeding birds, plethora of wild flowers and butterflies and and enjoy some stunning scenery.

We will take into account your activity preference birds, photography, digiscoping or nature in general.  Let us know what your medical conditions / limitations are.  Your health and safety is paramount for us!  A great option if you'r based in Gibraltar or nearby area.  We will arrange pickup / drop-off free of charge.  Also a great option for general nature photographers.

What you require - Use appropriate footwear and clothing (no sandals).  You can choose to bring your own food, however, tours pass by several restaurants and cafes. Bring your medication, suncream, sun shades, whilst insect repellent and a hat is optional.

PLEASE NOTE Our tours are strictly natural history, fees do not cover entrance to individual tourist sites inside the nature reserve such as the Moorish castle, cable car etc.. Small fuel surcharge applies to tours in Seville, Cadiz and malaga - Contact us for more info.

A migrating Short-toed eagle over Gibraltar - our favourite!

All photos by ©Andrew Fortuna