The strait of Gibraltar lies in a strategic location for birdwatching.  Migration of soaring birds & seabirds occurs almost year-round and the sheer numbers can be impressive in the peak seasons March-May & August-October.  Birds of prey such as Honey Buzzards, Black Kites, Short-toed Eagles, Booted Eagles, Griffon Vultures, White & black storks, pass in their thousands, with smaller numbers Egyptian & Griffon Vultures, Marsh, Hen and Montagu’s Harriers, Sparrowhawk, Common Buzzards, Ospreys, Eleonora’s Falcon and many others.

​This start of by mid-February when the first large groups of Black kites start arriving together will smaller numbers of Short-toed Eagles Sparrowhawks and Egyptian vultures.  By this time, Lesser kestrel and White storks have already arrived at the breeding sites and usually one of the first species to settle. By the beginning of March the real spectacle begins, with thousands of Black kites and Short-toed Eagles causing mayhem amongst the local Yellow-legged gull populations.  You can see this animosity between gulls and migrating raptors in one of our photos below.

By mid-March, hundreds of Booted eagles arrive at the scene together with small numbers of a good numbers of Montagu's and Marsh harriers.  by April, we begin seeing large arrivals of Griffon vulture followed by the start of the Honey buzzard migration, possibly the most numerous migrating raptor in the region.

During all that time, other possible species include Black and Ruppell's vultures, Spanish imperial eagle, Bonelli's eagle, Golden, Spotted and lesser spotted eagles, Long-legged buzzard, Black-winged kite, Goshawk and other local residents such as a Common kestrel. Its a spectacle not to be missed so make sure you contact us asap to book your prefered dates.​

What will you get?

The incredible experience of learning how to identify various raptors from a long distance by merely using head-on angle, flight action and build WITHOUT even perceiving any colour or other distinctive features of many species.

What does the fee cover?

Bed & breakfast accomodation in a clean, comfortable hotel with WIFI, in the Strait of Gibraltar, as well as airport pickup / drop-off, mineral water, ground transport, fuel, reserve entry if applicable,  guiding fees use of binoculars and scope.​​


Will depend on the weather and wind direction on the day, but having experience bird of prey migration for the past 40 hears, we know where the main passage routes will be the day before by paying attention to the clues natures gives you and which we have been able to tap into through the years.


We know exactly where to to be postioned to obtained the best photos.  With the years, one tends to develop a sort of 'perceptive ability' to be able to predict small changes in wind direction which would influence where the main passage will flow by in order to be best positioned to photograph these lovely birds.


Choose your dates during the Spring and Autumn on a first come first served basis. 







Includes 2 night accommodation

​Fee quotes are for a minimum 2 person bookings

Note: Single participant bookings may be subject to a minimum tour fee - contact us