​Adobe's raw editor is littered with sliders and control options.  Curves & levels allows you to controls the image contrast, shadows, highlights & midtones.  Learn to create your own presets and adjust these sliders without clipping the image.  Learn when to use one over the other.  These reasons 'when to' and 'when not to' use aren't the end-all-be-all, but you will definitely walk away with a better grasp on these two types of adjustments after completing our courses.


Here's an example of some wild Lesser kestrel photography from nearby colony.  The RAW images different in terms of exposure, colour, contrast and scale.  We a few careful and succinct alternations, you will be able to produce some wonderful compositions.

You will learn how to open and set preferences in Adobe camera raw and to utilise this powerful RAW convertor to maximise the editing potential of your files.  Its littered with sliders but its important to keep an eye on that histogram and maintain the integrity of your files.  With our courses, you will master how to achieve this.

Photo editing and Bird photography

Combine a customised bird photography tour with our one to one image editing on Photoshop which will give you the skills and the confidence to confidently edit your images and prepare them for upload to your favourite social networks or website.

Succinctly understand how to remove colour casts and bring out the natural whites and mid-tones of an image.  Do you know the difference between hue, saturation, vibrance and when to use which?  We will explain all this so that you can have powerful control of your colour options in your image.  However, its important to keep an eye on the histogram so as not to clip any of the colour channels.  


Lightroom & Adobe Bridge are 2 powerful DAM softwares.  Adobe bridge is stacked free with Photoshop and hugely undervalued and underestimated.  Lightroom is a more complex DAM software capable of accepting plugins and has a steep learning curve.  Learning how to manage your photographs and how to safely create a backups & keywording structures, is essential in creating an organised workflow.  We show you how.