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Birdwatching & nature photography holidays in Gibraltar, Spain & Morocco

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Aviantours will not entertain any applications for compensation or refund, either part or full, in the event of bad weather or lack of species, as birds & photos can still be seen or taken in these conditions and in the case of photography, it challenges the photographer to overcome these conditions.  Aviantours will nevertheless endeavour to try their utmost to work around this eventuality.  Clients are strongly advised to seek their own travel insurance prior to touring with us.  Aviantours will not be liable for any injury, illness or theft of any item from persons touring with Aviantours.  When you participate in our tours you automatically agree to these conditions.

Each participant understands that this Disclaimer and Assumption of Risk (Disclaimer) covers and applies to all activities as part of the trip described above. The participant understands and agrees that Aviantours may not be held liable or responsible in any way for any injury, death, or theft other damage to his/her person or his/her family, heirs or assigns that may occur as a result of participating in these activities or as a result of the negligence of any party, whether the negligence is passive or active. Aviantours acts as an agent only during the duration of the tour and assumes no responsibility for any damage, injury, loss, accident, theft, delay or irregularity which may be caused by defects in the transport vehicle or any other cause, nor for the action or inaction of any person involved in transporting the passenger, his/her property or in making their travel arrangements.

The participant acknowledges and assumes all risks associated with any and all tour activities, including any injury or damage to self or property or death that may occur, including all the associated risks, whether foreseen or unforeseen. These activities may include various forms of travel or travel by foot. The participant understands that at times, the workshop/tours may involve physically-demanding activities that may cause physical strain that is not necessarily experienced in everyday situations, and in case of injury, including injuries resulting from a heart attack, panic, hyperventilation, altitude sickness or other injuries caused by physical exertion. The participant will assume the risk of such injuries, even death, and will not hold Aviantours responsible.  The participant understands that wildlife trips naturally involve certain risks, including contact with potentially dangerous wildlife, possible infection from tropical diseases, or travel over uneven, rugged terrain. The participant also understands that these workshops/tours can involve visits to locations that are remote, either in travel time or in distance, and that this entails some inherent difficulties and risks, including longer travel time to a hospital in an emergency.

Aviantours cannot accept responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to illness, bad weather, strikes, war, quarantine or other causes, nor for delay or changes in flights or other services. Such losses or expenses will be borne by the participant, as the cost of the workshop/tour only covers travel arrangements during the set time. The participant also acknowledges that personal luggage and belongings are his/her responsibility alone.  Aviantours is not responsible for the procurement of travel insurance for the participant.  The participant acknowledges that, prior to beginning any tour with Aviantours, he or she will have obtained travel insurance that is valid for the entire duration of the tour.  Aviantours will not entertain any applications for compensation or refund, either part or full, in the event of bad weather or lack of certain species, as a lot of birds & photos can still be seen/taken.  In the case of photography, it challenges the photographer to overcome these conditions.  Aviantours will nevertheless endeavour to try their utmost to work around this eventuality.  Clients are strongly advised to seek their own travel insurance prior to touring with us.  Aviantours will not be liable for any death, injury, illness or theft of any item from persons touring with Aviantours.  When you participate in our tours you automatically agree to these conditions.Aviantours reserves the right to assign different leaders for any workshop/tour than those mentioned on the website or in the itinerary. If this is necessary, participants will be notified prior to arrival Workshop/tour prices are subject to change.  In case of a lost flight after the participation has been paid in full, participants will be allowed an alternative tour for them at a mutually convenient date, but will have to pay a surcharge for re-bookings accomodation which will be notified to them thereafter.  Aviantours will not be liable for loss of flights irrespective of the reason.

Aviantours reserves the right to substitute hotels for others of similar quality as those indicated in the trip itinerary and to make changes to the itinerary if deemed necessary or caused by changes in flights and also reserves the right to cancel any trip prior to departure in which case it will return the full amount of the deposit to participant.  The participant relieves Aviantours of any responsibility with respect to any action or suit brought by him/her, his/her family, his/her estate, his/her heirs or assigns, arising out of participation in these activities, including claims arising during the activities or after travel.  The participant acknowledges and agrees that this Release shall be effective and valid for all activities with Aviantours from the initial implementation date of this Release.  The participant understands and agrees that this Release is divisible, and any portion thereof that violates any laws or regulations of any governmental agency having jurisdiction, will affect only the portion deemed invalid or inoperative, and the remaining portions of this Release shall retain full force and effect. The participant declares that he/she is of age and has the legal authority to sign this liability release, or has obtained the written consent of a parent or guardian. The participant has been fully informed of the contents of this disclaimer and assumption of risk, having read it before signing on his/her behalf and on the behalf of his/her estate and understands the terms herein are contractual and, and signed it willingly. Do not alter these conditions in anyway, as doing so will prevent participation in our workshops/tour.


Discounts MAY be available for certain tours for group bookings of 4+ persons and for Multi-day tours.  Please enquire.  Fees may fluctuate but we will not change prices once a client has committed to a tour with a deposit.

Tours might or might not include other clients on the same dates of your tour.  For an exclusively private tour, there is a small surcharge (Please enquire) which is required to offset refusing other tour requests for the same dates.   Please read our tour disclaimer at the end of the page before booking a tour.


Children under 4yrs travel free.  Children aged 4-16yrs pay only 50% on stated fees. Participants aged 17yrs and over pay adult fees.  (Proof of ages may be required)

Prices includes:- 





PACKED LUNCHES (not all tours)




Does not include:-





* Flights to Gibraltar are served via London luton, Gatwick & Heathrow (London), Bristol, Midlands & Manchester.  Arrival / departure flights also possible via Seville, Jerez, Malaga or Madrid depending on tour (Small surcharge may apply on Spain airports)

A minimum 50% deposit required to secure participation

Payments to be made by bank transfer*

Aviantours shall not be responsible for any bank transfer charges

and this will have to be paid by the participant. 


Arrival & departures from Gibraltar International airport, unless otherwise stated.  Airport pickup / dropoff will be Gibraltar international airport included in multi-day fees (Not day tours).  Days tours include hotel pickup / dropoff.  Pickup / dropoff may require arrival / departure at alternative airports.  There may or may not be a small surcharge if you prefer to arrive at a different airport to the one described on a respective tour which will be agreed before any fees are paid.

Once you commit to a tour, please enquire with us before booking any flights to ensure best arrival / departure times in order to maximise your experience with us on those days.   It is advised to book a morning incoming flight and an late afternoon outbound flight when flying back to your destination, in order to make use of at least half a day on the last day of the tour. You can book extra nights if you would like an extended private tour. (Please confirm beforehand)  


Choose from the 6 types of tours- you choose the dates:-


Many birdwatching holidays tour operators can boast of having experienced birders.  But not many, have a birdwatching guide who has been birding in the area for the past 30 years, speaks fluent english & spanish, but also an award winning photographer! A pre-tour presentation will be given to prepare the participants as to what expect from the birds, weather, location and photography techniques. A lot of time will be spent static or maybe even in hides, but the participants will get plenty of snacks and beverages.     


This will be option which will be the most immersive, requiring the participants to concentrate on skill, fieldcraft and and an eye for capturing the moment.  Depending on the holiday chosen, it will involve either travelling and stopping at various sites to photograph the local fauna, or spending long hours in hides and/or using other types of field craft to take stunning images of the birds of the area.  


The workshop leader will guide you through the process of obtaining wonderful images using specialised equipment, learning both fieldcraft and techniques. The leader will general give an introductory course to the equipment he uses and participants will be able to put into practice the skills learned on the morning for the remaining days of the workshop.


We will guide you through some of the numerous nature walks available in the region, enjoying countryside of exquisite beauty and immense nature biodiversity, excellent for those interested in general nature or just wishing to stretch their legs and exercise with a leisurely walk or casual photography.


We guide you through same amazing landscape in search of some local specialities.


If you prefer to customise your dates, and tour activities, contact us for more information using the contact form below.

General terms & conditions

Will be at comfortable hotels and depending of the season and workshop locations,  will offer half-board accommodation, free wifi, AC, pool, as the rest of the day will be spent in the field.   Details of the hotel will be sent to the participants at least a month before the workshop commences.

Generally single-day tours do not include any meals.  Multi-day tours include breakfast, and MAY  include a packed lunch depending on the tour.

Any serious health conditions must be reported upon arrival to Aviantours.  It is recommenced to our participants to ensure they bring a hat, skin UV protection, insect repellant and ensure they are well hydrated to protect themselves from the effects of weather, as conditions can get quite warm and humid especially nearer the summer months.  Although there will be a basic first aid kit and water will be provided by Aviantours and there are hospitals near the birding spots, this does not exempt any of the participants of bring their own medication or other special requirements as this WILL NOT be catered for by Aviantours.    

Hiring of selected Canon camera bodies & and lenses are available for hire for your tour (see Tours for more info)
For multi-day tours, the initial 50% NON-REFUNABLE DEPOSIT is required to secure the participation of the applicant and can be made by bank transfer.   Please be sure to make your payment AFTER availability has been confirmed by Aviantours.  To do so, please just email your dates to info@aviantours.net.   Payment of the remaining balance will be made with ample time before arrival as agreed between client and Aviantours.  Failure to complete full payment may result in the participant not talking part in the workshop and forfeit your deposit.  
Participants are allowed to cancel their participation in any booked tour, but will forfeit their deposit.  In the case of full payment reservations and subsequent cancellation, 75% of the fee will be refunded provided that it is done AT LEAST 30 DAYS prior to the commencement of any tour.

All applicants participate at their own risk and Aviantours accepts no responsibility for injury or damage done to their persons or property. It is recommended that applicants bring their own personal health & property insurance.


i) Children under 4yrs travel free.  Children aged 4-16yrs pay only 50% on stated fees. Participants aged 17yrs and over pay adult fees.  (Proof of ages may be required).  Children of all ages MUST be accompanied by at least one adult (proof of age required).   

ii) The full workshop itinerary & accommodation details will be sent to the participants at least two weeks before the commencement of the workshop.  Itineraries may change prior or during the workshop in the event inclement weather conditions and this will be discussed with the participants on a day to day basis once they have arrived.

iii) By completing the non-refundable 50% deposit and subsequent full payment, you are agreeing to and accept all of the terms & conditions. The applicant who completes the booking does so on behalf of all the individuals included on it, so that all are bound by these booking terms & conditions.  Aviantours reserves the right to add or modify dates & prices at anytime but this WILL NOT affect reservations  & payments already made.

iv) In the unlikely event there is a reasonable failure in the performance of the workshop or the leader, the client must communicate this on the spot to the workshop leader, thus allowing an opportunity to achieve a satisfactory solution.   Should this not be possible, you should make your complaint known to us in writing within 28 days of the conclusion of the holiday.  Aviantours retains the right to make a final decision to any conflicts which will not be appealable.