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Birdwatching & nature photography holidays in Gibraltar, Spain & Morocco

A V I A N T O U R S 

SMALL COPPER - Lycaena phlaeas

MOROCCAN ORANGETIP - Anthocharis belia

Leipidoptera & Odonata

We will guide you to see some of some of the most interesting species.  Given the diverse biodiversity of habitats, Dargonflies, butterflies & moths occur aplenty in the area, with some more interesting alpine species sure to be seen in the higher mountain areas.  

Dragonflies species include Western and Copper Demoiselles, Migrant Spreadwing, tiny Iberian Bluetail and Dainty Bluet, Blue-eye, both Orange & White Featherlegs  Lesser Emperor, Western Spectre,  Western Clubtails, Large, Small & the rare Faded Pincertails, scarce Green Hooktail, local Orange-spotted Emerald, the rare and enigmatic Splendid Cruiser, Epaulette, Southern & Long Skimmers, the Orange-winged Dropwings , Northern Banded Groundling and otheres.   Of course, the presence of these will depend on the weather and preceding winter and spring rains –and hence, wetland conditions– but early June sees the most likely period for seeing the great majority of these simultaneously on the wing.

Loads of butterflies can also be seen, species such as Mallow & Red-underwing Skippers, Scarce Swallowtail, Spanish Festoon, Black-veined, Bath & Western Dappled Whites, Provence Orange-tip, Cleopatra, Spanish Purple & False Ilex Hairstreaks, Spanish Sooty Copper, Long-tailed, Lang's Short-tailed & Black-eyed Blues, Spanish Brown Argus, Nettle-tree Butterfly, Two-tailed Pasha, Southern White Admiral, Cardinal, Queen-of-Spain & Knapweed Fritillaries, Iberian Marbled & Spanish Marbled Whites, Tree & Great Banded Graylings and Spanish & Southern Gatekeepers, again amongst a variety of commoner species.

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