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How our tours work


Aviantours offers birdwatching, nature photography and walking tours of the region ranging from Central Spain down south towards Andalucia, Gibraltar and Morocco.  Our birdwatching tours range from single day and up to 11 days via customised tours depending on the region, fully customised for you and your party unless otherwise specified as a fixed date tour.

  • Tours generally involve short walks, at a slow and relaxed pace on fairly good paths or close to the vehicle.  Our guide will always advise on the level of walking for the day ahead, and no walks are compulsory.  Some guests bring walking poles, and we advise on using appropiate footwear for all activities.  This gives us the best flexibility and allows us to react to the wildlife and if necessary wander off from the tracks.  Some species such as Rufous-tailed rock thrush require accending to considerable heights so please bare this in mind if this species is on your wishlist.  Generally we will try not to organise a tour group with participants with opposing walking abilities / fitness levels.   If you and your group prefer a more sedentary tour we will organise that for you.  

  • Our trips will cater for all experiences levels.  Our guides are knowledgeable not only about birds & nature, but also have a good knowledge of regional history which adds to the experience.  We try not to use complicated birder's lingo or too much technical chatter!  We will aim for our clients to get the most out of their holidays both in terms of education and enjoyment.   Our guides will be ready to answer all of your questions.

  • Birdwatching in the area can generally involve spending lots of hours in the field so it is paramount clients bring with them appropiate clothing, comfortable, sturdy shoes, suncream, mosquito repellant, a hat or cap and sunshades.‚Äč  You require to inform us of any medical condition you may have and make sure you bring you own medication for the trip.


1.) BIRDWATCHING  (or combined with Bird photography)
Many birdwatching holidays tour operators can boast of having experienced birders.  But not many, have a birdwatching guide who has been birding in the area for the past 30 years, speaks fluent english & spanish, but also an award winning photographer! A pre-tour presentation will be given to prepare the participants as to what expect from the birds, weather, location and photography techniques. A lot of time will be spent static or maybe even in hides, but the participants will get plenty of snacks and beverages.     

2.) BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY  (or combined with Birdwatching)
This will be option which will be the most immersive, requiring the participants to concentrate on skill, fieldcraft and and an eye for capturing the moment.  Depending on the holiday chosen, it will involve either travelling and stopping at various sites to photograph the local fauna, or spending long hours in hides and/or using other types of field craft to take stunning images of the birds of the area.  

The workshop leader will guide you through the process of obtaining wonderful images using specialised equipment, learning both fieldcraft and techniques. The leader will general give an introductory course to the equipment he uses and participants will be able to put into practice the skills learned on the morning for the remaining days of the workshop.  We have a wide array of Kowa digiscoping equipment available for exclusive use of our clients.

We will guide you through some of the numerous nature walks available in the region, enjoying countryside of exquisite beauty and immense nature biodiversity, excellent for those interested in general nature or just wishing to stretch their legs and exercise with a leisurely walk or casual photography.

We guide you through same amazing landscape in search of some local specialities.

If you prefer to customise your dates, and tour activities, contact us for more information using the contact form