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Birdwatching & nature photography holidays in Gibraltar, Spain & Morocco

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Frequently asked questions

How long do your tours last?

We have a series of different duration trips yo suit your requirements.

I am birdwatching novice, will any of these trips be too daunting for me?

Not at all.  our trips will cater for all experiences levels.  Our guides are knowledgeable not only about birds & nature, but also have a good level of knowledge of local history which adds to the experience.  we try not to use complicated birder's lingo or too much technical chatter!  We will aim for our clients to get the most out of their holidays both in terms of enjoyment and learning.   Our guides will be ready to answer all of your questions.

What if my interest is not just about birds?
Our guides are experienced birders first & foremost, but also have a good level of experience identify flowers, butterflies & dragonflies as well as being a very experienced and succesfull bird & nature photographer. 

I prefer not being in a group, or arrange a completely private tour.
We encourage participating in our group tours.  However, if you prefer a private your for your spouse, family or group, we will happiliy arrange that for you.

I am a twitcher and want to to maximise my time looking for the species I want.
Generally, our mixed group tours, will cater for all experience levels and travel around in a more laid back and lesuirely fashion.  However, in the event you prefer a 'twitching tour', we strongly suggest we help you arrange a customised tour for you or your group.  Lets us know what your species requirements are and we will design a trip to help you achieve your species list with a high level of success rate. 

What if I am a lone traveller.

There is NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT.  You can still arrange a tour with us even if you travel alone, just decide if you wish to travel alone or in a group.  Most of our clients join as couples  or small groups our guests join as singles, with the rest coming as friends, family or partners. 

Which type of holiday is best for seeing Barbary partridge, Spanish imperial eagle or Red-knobbed coot?
These and other species are possible even on our day trips.

How much walking is there on your holidays?
As much as your comfortable doing, but generally we will try not to mix a tour group with participants with mixed walking abilities.  If you and your group prefer a more sedentary tour we will organise that for you.  Aviantours birdwatching tours generally involve short walks going at a slow and relaxed pace on fairly good paths or close to the vehicle. Our guide will always advise on the level of walking for the day ahead, and no walks are compulsory. Some guests bring walking poles, and we advise on using appropiate for all activities, this gives us the best flexibility and allows us to react to the wildlife and if necessary wander from the tracks.  Some species such as Rufous-tailed rock thrush require accending to considerable heights so please bare this in mind if this species is on your wishlist.

Weather – isn’t it too warm in Gibraltar, Spain or Morocco. 

It can be quite warm & humid during July / August, but nothing a good air-conditioning system cant fix.  Our vehicle is fully air-conditioned, as are most restaurants and certainly your accomodation with us.

Will mosquitos / bugs  be an issue?
Bugs & mostquitoes will be an issue in marshes or other freshwater margins world-wide.  For that reason, we recomend when touring with us in the field, you wear long-sleeved shirts, trousers and a good mosquitos repellant

Do you cater for special diets?

Let us know what your dietary requirements are and we will make sure to include these on our packed lunched or recommend a suitable restuarant.

How fixed are your itineraries? Can I opt out of a day?
Once you fully pay for your tour, no monies are redeemable.  However, if during the course of the tour, you wish to opt out of a day and do your own thing in a particular town for example, you can do that and resume the tour with us later on the following day. (Where applicable, please ask beforehand)

I like to take photographs, can I get closer to the wildlife?
Our aim is to show you wildlife acting naturally in its habitat, and so we are extremely careful not to  disturb our targets and our motto is to leave things as we find them. For that reason, it is at the judgement of the experienced guide in charge as to whether the group or individuals are allowed to get closer to the target for observation or photography. Over the course of the week, we find all photographers have a great range of incidental pictures to mark their trip. The best of our photos will go into the trip report that is shared amongst the group after the holiday.

Do you advise that I get travel insurance?
We always recommend that people obtain travel insurance to cover all eventualities.   Our vehicle is covered by all risks vehicle insurance in the extremely unlikely event of accident during transit.

I can tour on our own vehicle, caravan or use our own camping sites?
If you wish to bring your own hired vehicle, or bring your own camperan / caravan, you could also hire our guiding services only and you can pay for your own campsite use, thus saving money.  However, we would have to agree on camp sites to conform with our itinerary, and this can be discussed.

I’ve never been to Gibraltar, Spain or Morocco before, where do you recommend that I start?
The tour will be customised and pre-determined by us to maximise your tour experience & comfort.  Depending on whether your participating on a custom or a fixed package tour, you can fly in to Gibraltar, Jerez, Seville or Malaga, depending on the type of tour you  participate in.

Should I bring my telescope?
We have telescopes for you to use and leaving your behind and save up valuable hold luggage weight limits particularly when including a tripod.  However, if you have your own telescope we recommend you bring it so that you can maximise your own personal viewing.  Your guides will of course help you line up your own scopes with the target wildlife.

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