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What we can do for you:-

1.) Plan a trip around your prefered activities / species / days

2.) Offer you a completely private tour

2.) Arrange your accomodation 

3.) Arrange pickup / dropoff at Gibraltar airport (small surcharge for other airports nearby, Jerez & Malaga - contact us for info)

4.) Advice on flights / timings

7.) Arrange ground transport

8.) Prepare a custom itinerary based on your species requirements / locations. 

At Aviantours, flexibility is our motto!  We realise that our package tours might not quite be for you, or perhaps you dont fancy trvelling on a group with other clients.  For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to travel on your own for you, your group of family party.

We care not only about you and your interests, but your pocket too!  In other websites offering birdwatching holidays like ours, you could easily get bogged down with the vast number of trips you could do, to the degree that many people find it daunting, so we limit the suggestions we place on our site, but trust us on this;  we can organize a trip to get you what you want.    So if you wish to search for the Lesser short-toed Lark in Southern Spain or the Black Crowned Sparrow-Lark in Morocco, a nature walk in Gibraltar or Andalucia, thats not a problem, we can arrange it for you!  

The custom trips are designed to your requirements, so tell us what you want and we will work with you with a high degree of flexibility to try and make it happen for you.  If you can get a few friends or family members to come with you, you might be surprised at how fun & inexpensive these tours are, and they offer you the opportunity of choosing when, where and with whom you travel.    

Customized tour

Birdwatching & nature photography holidays in Gibraltar, Spain & Morocco