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Birdwatching & nature photography holidays in Gibraltar, Spain & Morocco

A V I A N T O U R S 

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At Aviantours, we also firmly subscribe to a sensible and responsible code of conduct in the field, embracing the fact that the welfare of the natural environment as a whole is paramount, and therefore, utmost care will be taken to avoid disturbing a bird / animal or trampling on flowers, when trying to observe them or obtain a photograph.

Aviantours tours are lead by Andrew Fortuna, Company Director.  He is an official licensed guide, regulated by by the Gibraltar Tourist Board.  He attained the status of Gibraltar's young Ornithologist of the year in 1988 and won several photographic competitions locally, including Gibraltar's 2012 Photographer of the year.  Andrew has been a keen birdwatcher for 30 yrs.  He has been a photographer for over 20yrs and an experienced birding guide to Spain, Morocco & Gibraltar.  He runs bespoke photography & software courses at www.one2one.gi in Gibraltar and Southern Spain.  



We are an ecotour company specialising in birdwatching tours in GIBRALTAR, SPAIN & MOROCCO. They are also dedicated to teaching the art of bird & nature photography as well as digiscoping, which involves taking high quality nature photos using DSLR’s, compact cameras & Smartphones via telescopes & binoculars. They also arrange nature walks in the area and strives in every way to promote Gibraltar & the Strait.  The area is unique and important for bird migration between the two continents of Europe and Africa as well as the rich diversity of important species of other wildlife. 

We are approved  as a local registered and competent guide by the Gibraltar Tourist Board.  Never engage on a tour with someone who is not an officially licenced guide.  For more details and validation of our credentials, contact the Gibraltar Tourist Board HERE


We believe that by sustainable, responsible and considerate eco-tourism, we will help protect these areas of special natural geographic beauty & interest.  Together with education & constant promotion and awareness of the incredible biodiversity this area offers, we hope to safeguard & protect the area and its wildlife for years to come.

Currently an active member of the Gib Ornithological and Natural History Society and the Gibraltar Photographic Society.  Andrew is an Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert.  Spend several years engaged as a bird ringer in Gibraltar within the British Trust for Ornithology Scheme and lead many birdwatching tours in the area.  He attained unique first-hand knowledge of birds in the area of Gibraltar, Andalucia, Extremadura & Morocco. He liases closely the Gibraltar Tourist Board and with Nature NGO's in Gibraltar and Spain.  To contact Andrew, email him using the contact form provided below​

Andrew Fortuna - Company director & guide